Accountable care happens one closed loop referral at a time.

One software platform. Your network of referral partners. Happy patients.

“Infina Connect’s Intelligent Care Coordinator is the most important tool that we use. It has been instrumental in our ACO’s ability to achieve $22 million in total savings for 2016.”

Ray Coppedge, Executive Director, Key Physicians IPA

Referral Management Matters More Than You Know

Of all the value-based initiatives you can pursue, keeping patients within a high value referral network requires the smallest investment and delivers the highest ROI.

Why? Because each primary care physician influences an estimated $10 million in downstream spend.

A simple change in the way referrals are managed at the practice level can have a significant impact on cost, quality, and patient satisfaction.

High Cost Drivers in Value Based Care

Do you know where your patients are?

What If You Had Real Time Knowledge of Your Patients Who Are Driving Costs… And Could Intervene Now?

Actually, you already do. Referrals are a perfect indicator of declining health and increasing costs. If you have an appropriate response to every referral, you save money and achieve a better outcome.

With Infina’s Intelligent Care Coordinator (ICC), primary care can guide patient referrals to high performing providers, ensure that relevant clinical information is shared, maintain visibility into the ongoing status, and collaborate on care.

Results at Scale

Our solution enables our customers to succeed on population health contracts, grow their business, and minimize downside risk.

Single Year’s Savings on Commercial Contracts
Patient Referrals In Network
Medical Cost Advantage

Referral Management: Where High Quality Meets Low Cost

You’ve jumped through the hoops to secure value based contracts. Now you need the ability to create and manage virtual, patient centered, collaborative networks across a multitude of different EHRs and individual practice workflows.

As a shared platform, ICC serves as a ‘one stop shop’ for all referrals. With the right information at the point of care, patients and their families experience truly coordinated care.


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Close the loop on referrals and open the door to improved revenue and outcomes today.